Camping union's story!


The beginning of the "Camping Union" network:

While we were on vacation, motorized rented, it was around a fire, that a shooting star appeared to us. A wish we have made: spread the pleasure of family holidays!

It is while preserving this emotion in mind that we, the owners of Camping Union, dreamed 15 years ago, to have a network of 100% Quebecois campsites.

Sustained desire, reality become!

Our dream came true: Camping Union was born!

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the fruit of our aspirations:


Our goal in creating this network is to guarantee our campers consistency of quality. And this, on each ground, member of Camping Union.

By staying at one of our campsites, you are therefore assured of:

  • Get all the benefits of a destination for the family.
  • Reside in a 4 or 5 star classified campsite.
  • Enjoy high standards of cleanliness and services.
  • Stay in the most beautiful tourist regions of Quebec.
  • You will find in an enchanting and safe environment.
  • Have access to a lake, rivers and even the sea!
  • You will always be amazed by the scenery!

Our desire never stop to grow. Wishing to offer more families, the privilege of enjoying our beautiful locations, we have even created the possibility of staying in fully equipped chalets, or in "ready to camp" tent.

In addition, we want to give people the greatest opportunity to travel around our beautiful province of Quebec. It is for this reason that when you visit more than one Camping Union member campsite in the same summer, you will benefit to loyalty discounts of 15% to 35%.

Camping Union: a network, a family!