General regulations – Accommodation

Check-in time is 16:00 and check-out time is 11:00. The cost of an additional night may be charged to the customer who vacates his unit after 11:00 without notifying the reception.

When you leave, you must bring them back to the reception. In case of non-return, Camping Union will charge $ 20 and will charge the amount to the customer’s credit card.

Pets are not allowed. Anyone who violates this rule may be required to pay an amount of $ 200

Smoking and vaping are not permitted in the accommodation units. Anyone who violates this rule may be required to pay an amount of $ 200

For accommodation in chalets, refuges, ready-to-camp with kitchenettes:
It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain the kitchen area provided in the accommodation. A maintenance package may be charged $ 140 on the day of departure if necessary. Any lost or damaged item must be reported to the reception during the stay or on the day of departure and may be charged.

All tenants are required to comply with each of these regulations. The owner of the campsite or his representative reserves the right to evict any tenant or customer he deems, at his sole discretion, undesirable and this, without any compensation or refund.


The client must make good use of the rental accommodation,
The accommodation made available to our customers is verified, functional and in good condition. Our customers are invited to report any problem immediately to the reception.

In case of damage, the company reserves the right to charge the customer for the cost of repair or replacement. It is the same for any infringement found after the departure of the customer, the amount of compensation will be debited on the customer’s card.

The company may demand in case of voluntary or involuntary damage to equipment, objects, furniture belonging to the company the full reimbursement of damages or losses.

In case of non-compliance with the rules the customer will be asked to leave the accommodation without any refund. The company reserves the right to levy an amount for damage caused to the accommodation. This amount will be charged to the credit card provided at the time of booking.

Thank you for your collaboration.